The realization of sel-help and spirituality

Stop falling victim to governments and banks. Take control of your own money.

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There's a fine line between spirituality and finance

Money is an integral part of our lives. It is the tool that allows us to be free and to transform the world.

Except that finance has been controlled by a malicious minority. Everyone has been able to see it over the past few months.

Without the control of money by *people, there is no freedom. *We don't tend to say 'the people'

Finance is too serious to be left to the bankers.

More than a usual cryptocurrency. The foundation of AnyVers

AnypsoCoin goes beyond simple money. This is the first piece of AnyVers.

The AnyVers is a virtual universe in service of people, a platform to get out of the system and get organized.


Our mission

For too long a handful of people have controlled our economy, overstretching money and making the system ever more complex with one common goal: to earn more.

If you've ever worked on yourself to regain control over your life, well done. The next step is to regain control over your own money.

This is the only way to find true freedom... and this is the reason why we created the AnypsoCoin.

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